Interview with Andrew George

Andrew George

Date of birth: 7th of June 1975

How did you become passionate about nature photography?

As a child (and of course I still do) I loved being outdoors. Exploring the landscape and watch wildlife. In my early 20’s I wanted to share my experiences through photography. I also like being creative. It’s a great way to escape the busy world we live in and relax.

What subject do you prefer to photograph and why?

I prefer landscapes or wildlife in landscapes, because the environment tells a story of it’s own.

What is your favorite nature preserve?

I can’t name just one, every nature preserve has it’s own charms and character. I love to explore different nature preserves through the year.

What is your favorite shooting position?

The unusual one.

Which nature photographer do you admire?

Jim Brandenburg.

What quality must a nature photographer absolutely have?

Passion, patience and persistence.

Which light situation do you prefer?

Fog with sunlight, very moody.

Which setting do you prefer: Manual-Aperture Priority-Shutter Priority?

Depends on the situation. I mostly use Manual.

Do you have any advice for future nature or wildlife photographers?

Just follow your heart and passion and do a lot of experimenting.


You can find out more about Andrew George on his website: