Interviews with photographers

In 2013 I came up with the idea to interview some inspiring Belgian and Dutch nature photographers. I asked them how they got addicted to nature photography, what their favorite places were, what material they used,…

From now on you will find interviews with inspiring international nature photographers as well.

Pieter-Jan D’Hondt

Alain Pardon

Laurent Geslin

Richard Peters

Jan Smit

Karin Van Couwenberg

Kristel Schneider

Markus Varesvuo

Mart Smit

Sam Mannaerts

Filip van Boven

Michel Lucas

Bruno d’Amicis

Myriam Dupouy

Pia Dierickx

Paul van Hoof

Marijn Heuts

Loulou Beavers

Ingrid Vekemans

Andrea Gulickx

Jasper Doest

Silvia Reiche

Jan Vermeer

Johan van de Watering

Bas Meelker

Marsel van Oosten

Theo Bosboom

Heike Odermatt

Tom Linster

Misja Smits

Bob Luijks

Martin Steenhaut

Danny Matthys

Andrew George

Bart Heirweg

Jeffrey van Daele